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Industrial Casein

Industrial Casein

Description:Product Description: Available in mesh range: 30-60, 60-90, 40-110, 90-110 mesh.

  • Moisture %


  • Protein(dry base) %


  • Fat%


  • Ash content %


  • Acidity T°


  • Color

    White or milky white

  • Insoluble matter


  • Viscosity


Other information

Product Description:

"Qu la" (Tibetan) is the "cheese" produced by yak milk after the artificial extraction of ghee, commonly known as "milk residue".This process has a history of more than one thousand years in the Tibetan folk, and the produced “qu la” is natural, green and environmentally friendly without any auxiliary materials.It is a protein supplement for the majority of herders as a nutritional supplement for perennial consumption and cattle and sheep for the winter.

 Industrial grade casein, also known as the replicating casein, is made of dry milk residue (qu la)acidification and is a pure natural yak cheese protein purification product made by high-tech biotechnology technology.Casein absorbs moisture and swells rapidly in water, but its particles do not bind. It cannot be replaced by other synthetic materials. Based on its excellent adhesion, film formation, brightness, emulsification, stability and other supergroup properties, it is an ideal green adhesive base material in various industries.


This product is a non-crystalline, non-hygroscopic material,which dissolved in water by 0.8-1.2% at room temperature, slightly soluble in 25 ℃ water and organic solvents, soluble in dilute alkali and concentrated acid,and absorbs moisture and swells rapidly in water,but its particles do not bind.

Packaging: plastic woven bag or compound kraft paper bag with polyethylene inner film, net weight 25 kg

Storage: Store under cool and dry conditions to prevent mildew and humidity

Transport: Highways, railways

Shelf life: 12 months from the date of production under suitable storage conditions

Range of application

Paper tube, cosmetic, leather industry, paint, pigment, paper industry, casein glue, adhesive, safety match, plastic processing, electrochemistry, textile industry, special cement, etc

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